Développeur et infogéreur cloud in Montpellier


A year ago

Work Experience

2020 — Now
  • self-employed freelancer, contracts and partnerships with hosting providers OVH and Infomaniak, working with Malt and Codeur platforms.
  • I collaborate with them to meet client needs and ensure efficient communication between all parties involved.
  • my experience includes managing client relationships, invoicing, negotiation, project management, and consultancy across various CSP and platforms.
2022 — 2023
  • infrastructure management
  • deployment automation tools: Git and Ansible to streamline the deployment processes
  • security and performance considerations
  • documentation and collaborative cork
  • industrialization tools monitoring & maintenance
  • technological proficiency in linux systems
  • cloud environment experience: severals CSP such as AWS and GCP.
  • problem solving and proactive approach
2018 — 2021
  • content creator at the inception of the Musical.ly social network, and subsequently on TikTok.
  • this experience allowed me to build a community, connect with people from diverse backgrounds in France, and collaborate with several brands through partnerships and product placements.
2017 — 2017


2023 — Now

Cloud & Virtualization Track

  • BAC+3 with at least 3 years of professional experience in a technical IT role.
  • proficient in designing and developing application solutions or systems and network infrastructure solutions.
  • ability to design databases using a database management system.
  • proficient in data manipulation using SQL.
  • ability to design application solutions in an object-oriented environment.
  • designing and administering systems and network infrastructure solutions, essentially Linux
  • ability to manage projects related to information systems.
  • assessment methods: tests and projects (business case, oral presentation, simulated professional scenarios, presentations).
2021 — Now
  • administring infrastructure solutions for application needs
  • optimizing infrastructure solutions
  • configuring and utilizing monitoring systems
  • testing and deploying hardware resources
  • providing user and technical team support
  • deploying, administering, and securing databases in a client-server environment
  • workshops
2020 — 2021

Services informatiques aux organisations

2017 — 2020

Sciences et technologies de l'industrie et du développement durable


2023 — 2025
Accredited Sales Engineer from Cloudflare, Inc
  • Technical Architecture
  • Product Portfolio
  • Cloudflare Security Services
  • Cloudflare Performance Services
2023 — 2025
Cloudflare Accredited Configuration Engineer from Cloudflare, Inc
  • Onboarding/Implementation on Core Services
  • Optimizing Core Services (Security/Performance)
  • Troubleshooting Core Services (Security/Performance)
2023 — 2025
Cloudflare Tenant Platform from Cloudflare, Inc

Accredited Managed Services Partner


ID 1690093

  • certifies expertise and demonstrates proficiency in Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • virtual machines, networking, storage, and security.
Cloud Hero Kubernetes Skills from Google, Inc

ID 1686522

  • certifies Kubernetes expertise and proves proficiency in deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes concepts, architecture, and management

ID 2395442

  • certifies ML engineering expertise and demonstrates proficiency in implementing machine learning solutions.
  • assesses skills in ML model development, deployment, and monitoring on Google Cloud.